Noble House History

The history of the land on which the Noble House Farm stands is rich and varied. In the mid 1790’s, eligible soldiers or their heirs were given land for their service in the Revolutionary War known as “The Military Tract of Central New York”. The NHF property, then known as Military Lot 73, was given to John Patrick . John Nobles purchased Military Lot 73 in 1809, and settled on the land with his family a year later.

The Nobles’ homestead endured for many years. In 1883, Anson Nobles, grandson of John and Elizabeth, built the Queen Anne Victorian, which stands today on the original foundation of the first homestead.

In the seventies, the farm was converted into a commune where peace and harmony were the themes for those who lived on the land. Today, as a bed and breakfast, NHF and the 50 acres on which it rests, remain a peaceful haven for those who wish to enjoy fresh air, dips in the spring-fed pond, chats around the fire, star-gazing, hiking, relaxing in the hot tub, and much, much more.